Tax Preparation

We prepare federal, state and local income tax returns for individuals, small businesses and rental real estate owners. As an authorized IRS E-file service provider, we electronically file federal, state and (where possible) local returns at no additional charge.

Amended Returns

If you’ve made an error on a prior return, we can help you set things right with federal, state, and/or local agencies. Having an amended return prepared professionally can spare you the time and frustration that results from failing to understand—and provide—what a tax agency is looking for.

Tax Planning and Estimates

As household circumstances and income change, so does tax liability. If you’ve gotten married, lost a job, sent a child to college, cashed in an IRA, sold a stock—or done anything else to alter your life or wealth–we can help you prepare for the bottom line on April 15.

Tax Withholding Recommendations

Filling out a new W-4 for an employer or a W4-P for a pension administrator is a guessing game for most folks. We can take the mystery out of W-4s and help you withhold the “just-right” amount based on your particular circumstances.

Negotiating Installment Plans

If you have a balance due that you can’t pay and want to work with the IRS to negotiate a payment plan, we can help you navigate the process. Once that plan is negotiated we can help you understand how to stay in compliance.


Should I do it myself?

The availability of off-the-shelf tax software makes a self-prepared tax return a legitimate, low-cost alternative. If you just have a couple of W-2s and a few deductions, it may make perfect sense to do it yourself. But, for a lot of people it’s truly not the best option. Here are a few reasons why:
1. Garbage in, garbage out: Your tax software will ask questions to guide you through completion of your return. But, if you don’t understand the questions—and answer incorrectly—the software may swiftly guide you to the wrong answer.
2. Software can’t converse: Taxpayers have dozens of questions about the legitimacy of specific credits and deductions. Tax experts can tailor advice to specific circumstances and answer follow-up questions; software can’t.
3. Software can’t see your paperwork: Your tax preparer can sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to all the tax-related documents you receive—making sure you report everything the IRS requires. Your software will never know what you didn’t see or interpret correctly.
4. Your software doesn’t know you live in a taxing city: Local returns complicate many people’s filing situation. The rules about who taxes what—and how much–are as varied as the number of taxing jurisdictions. That’s a task your package software just won’t touch.